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1784. Freshman Honors Seminar

(198) One credit. Prerequisite: Open only with consent of Honors Director.

An overview of some aspects of university education. Designed to help students set learning goals to be achieved during the baccalaureate experience.

First Name Topic Bibliography Website
 Alex  American/ New England Whaling  Bibliography
Bobby Pre-Columbian European Contact
Brendan  Attack on Pearl Harbor  Bibliography
Brian  Native Americans and the Sea
Connor  Privateering during the American Revolution  Bibliography
David  Pirate Flags
Devin  Conditions aboard slave ships
DJ  Vessel types
Jamie  History of the USCG  Bibliography
Jeffrey A  Mahan and American Imperialism  Bibliography
Jeffrey N  John Cabot and his voyage (s)  Bibliography
Jonathan  Battle of the Atlantic in WWII  Bibliography
Josh  Submarine/Carrier development  Bibliography
Kerri  disease and illness at sea  Bibliography
Kevin  ship design  Bibliography
Olivia  female pirates/ Rachel Wall  Bibliography
Ryan  history and myth of pirate treasure  Bibliography
Sam  Rise of the Port of New Orleans