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1784. Freshman Honors Seminar

(198) One credit. Prerequisite: Open only with consent of Honors Director.

An overview of some aspects of university education. Designed to help students set learning goals to be achieved during the baccalaureate experience.

Fall 2014

First Name Topic Bibliography Website
Aaron Henry Every  Bibliography
Alyssa  Ching Shih  Bibliography
Benjamin  Calico Jack Rackham
Emily  Sir Francis Drake  Bibliography
Hayley  Anne Bonny and Mary Read  Bibliography
Jason  Stede Bonnet  Bibliography
Jeffrey  Captain William Kidd  Bibliography
Jess Sea Shanties and Pirate Music  Bibliography
Joaquin  Pirate “laws” and trials  Bibliography
Josaua  Pirate Weapons  Bibliography
Lindsey  Captain Henry Morgan
Maneesh  Pirate Food ways  Bibliography
Megan  Pirate Religion and Folklore  Bibliography
Reena  Blackbeard  Bibliography
Sarah M.  Grace O’Malley  Bibliography
Sarah R.  The Pirate Code  Bibliography
Thomas  Woodes Rogers  Bibliography
Tyler  Mediterranean Piracy and Religion  Bibliography