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History 1501W – Spring 2014


1501. United States History to 1877

(131) Three credits. Not open to students who have passed HIST 231 or HIST 231W.

Surveys political, economic, social, and cultural developments in American history through the Civil War and Reconstruction. CA 1.

first name RefWorks Bibliography Topic Website
Aaron Bibliography  From the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution
Adam Bibliography  Robert E. Lee
Brianna Bibliography
Cheyenne Bibliography  Salem Witch Trials
Christopher M Bibliography The Anti-Masonic Party
Ian Bibliography  Roger Williams
J Bibliography  African slaves’
contribution in building America
Jill Bibliography  sacred music in the colonies
John Bibliography  Maritime piracy in American colonies
Joseph Bibliography
Leonard Bibliography  General and President Grant
Nathan Bibliography  The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands
Nick Bibliography
Olivia Bibliography  Sacagawea, Lewis, Clark,  and the West
Rachel Bibliography  Boston, MA and its history up to 1877
Susan Bibliography  colonial medicine
Wynet Bibliography  Print media in the colonies
Xiao Bibliography  Clara Barton and the Red Cross
Ryan Bibliography Emancipation Proclamation